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For Globetrotters with a VW T5 - T6 - T6.1

California - Multivan

Calicamp - Store


Calicamp turns the boot space underneath the bed structure of the VW California and Multivan into a useful storage area. A large drawer can be pulled out, giving immediate access to all travel items. A smart storage system allows to freely arrange the layout of all the things inside, and straps everything secure. No containers or boxes required, saving valuable space.


Load capacity is 100kg / 280l for a VW Multivan or California Beach, and 100kg / 200l for a VW California Coast or Ocean. Calicamp is available for all VW Transporters with a tailgate, types ranging T5 - T6 - T6.1. Installation requires no modifications to the van. It can easily be removed from the vehicle in 2 minutes. Other vehicles can be equipped on special request.

Calicamp - Function
Calicamp - Cook


The Calicamp system can be extended with a foldable kitchen frame. Upon unfolding, modular kitchen equipment can then be inserted depending the menu of the day. Several combinations of prep area's, gas stoves, food bins, barbecues and ovens are possible. The barbecue can be used to grill, smoke, steam and bake. The storage area remains accessible while cooking.


Calicamp equipment is 100% designed and made in Belgium. The compact design, while pleasing to the eye, focuses on function with minimal impact on space and weight, just like our great VW vehicles do. Only durable materials are used, ensuring a lifetime that should exceed that of the van, and offering many unforgettable cooking and dining moments.

Calicamp - Design

How it Works

So, where do you wanna go today ?

Calicamp - Where do you wanna go

Set up camp

and deploy the kitchen in 60 seconds

Calicamp - Cook Anywhere
Calicamp in Sweden
Calicamp in Croatia
Calicamp in Switzerland
Calicamp in France
Calicamp in Croatia
Calicamp in Belgium
Calicamp in Italy
Calicamp in Croatia
Calicamp in Italy
Calicamp in France
Calicamp in Sweden
Calicamp in Sweden

What's on the menu, darling ?

Calicamp - What's on the menu, darling

Decide on the menu...

...and equip the kitchen accordingly

Choose from a range of cutting boards, gas stoves, storage boxes, barbecues, sinks, covers, windscreens, ...

Calicamp - Cook Anything
Calicamp - Saint Pierre
Calicamp sausages
Calicamp trout
Calicamp king crab
Calicamp Steak
Calicamp crab
Calicamp veal stew
Calicamp tomatoes
Calicamp lam crown
Calicamp Saint Pierre
Calicamp gambas
Calicamp duck stew

Get out there

cook anything, anywhere

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